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Building a great business is...

easy when you know who to TRUST!

If you want to build your business or have a great career, and you seem to be dealing with is drama or you're just spinning your wheels, then the first thing you need to do is SLOW DOWN and have a really good look at what is really going on for you.

In my experience of working with thousands of people over the years, when people are spinning their wheels or experiencing a lot of drama, they are doing things tough, trying to control and manage everything themselves, or have endured hard times and now don't trust anyone because of it so they keep to themselves most of the time and don't stick their neck out for new opportunities. These strategies don't work long term and will have you feeling resigned and cynical and hopeless.

The solution to having a great business and career is to BUILD a support team around you. So, the obvious question is, who do you choose and who do you trust? That's even more essential to know, especially when people have let you down in the past. Here are a few strategies:

  • Be AWARE - Start to really LISTEN to the people around you.
  • Ask yourself, do they lift you up?
  • Are their words loving and empowering or constantly deflate your confidence?
  • Are they offering support or just issuing judgement, demands and opinions?
  • You get to choose who you surround yourself with, you don't have to stay where you are. You always have a choice to make a change. 

Discernment is the key and if like me, you're discernment radar has been 'off' or broken for a long time, due to a variety of reasons, the following tips will help you fix your radar.

1. Follow feelings and instincts - if it feels 'off' then it is

2. Trust the people you trust - you know who's got your back trust what they tell you and what they see, hear, feel and know about you.

3. Look and listen for people that have a solid moral code. Check them out by asking others. Don't just leap into something with them without knowing who they really are.

4. If you have someone close to you that isn't right... then work out a plan of how to step back, step aside or walk away.

5. You have one life, you have unique gifts to share in this world and you staying stuck, trapped, shut down or perpetually in the drama is NOT where you want to be. Start asking for support from people you do trust and figure out a plan to change your situation.

I teach this (The Greatness Principle) and a whole lot more to people in business that really want to get this sorted out. Many leaders have trusted the wrong people, made bad decisions and have got ongoing dramas and problems they didn't know how they started. It all comes down to who you let near you, and what their intentions are. You can get this sorted in your business and you can get your career flying again. Its totally do-able. Come ask me how. 

If you really want success and RESULTS, then stop fluffing around with all the 'noise and distractions of your current circumstances'. Put all of that on hold and come work with me and the team for 3 full days on your business, your career and what's important to you, then implement over the next 6-12 months with your coach. Apply today to see if you qualify to attend. This work is for people wanting to make changes, wanting to grow themselves and other people and for leaders, coaches, mentors, counsellors wanting to impact their people in profound ways. You can also get yourself sorted out, organised and with a plan to make your business, your career or a project finally work. Contact us for more as to where and when.