• Corporate Leadership Training

    Hi Jen

    I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am for the amazing experience you created for our team on Friday. You not only managed to inspire, excite and engage our team but you magically weaved all the right messages through it to align with our objectives for the day. I am really appreciative of how you made our day special and memorable for the team. Thank you for that and for your patience with the room and the less than perfect technology.

    Kind regards

    Fran Avon | Executive Manager | Wesley Mission

  • The Essence of The Greatness Principle

    Jen Harwood shares the essence of what support looks like, how we lose it and how to build it back up.

    Being a leader in life, family and business...

    It's all about surrounding yourself with GREAT support so that you can be truly great in all

    circumstances, especially when it matters most and times are tough !

  • Leading can be lonely

    Almost every person at some point in their business/career, will face social and/or emotional isolation. They will lose their trusted confidants through normal life events such as death of a loved one, divorce, illness, marriage, birth of a child, job change and relocation. When we lose or even 'get rid' of people on purpose from our lives and don't replace that relationship role, we reduce the level of support and perspective and become lone wolves trying to survive everything. This way of being and working is exhausting and can make the business or situation even worse.

  • Great things people are saying

    Iggy Pintado

    Marketing Director. Connector. Business Catalyst

    I’ve found Jen to be one of the most prolific and practical thought leaders I have ever had the pleasure to meet. She is in that rare category of business advisers who can explain and express business concepts while possessing the gift of developing practical and implementable programs to make them happen, to achieve results and desired outcomes.

    Jen continues to inspire others through her messages, her programs and her personality. She is a motivating communicator, value creator and most importantly, a true business champion.

    Liz Grant

    Program Coordinator at Small Business Smart Business

    Jen is an amazing person with expert knowledge of what's needed to drive both businesses and personal careers for success. She has the tools necessary to help both teams and individuals to develop clear goals and plans to meet those goals, and the personality to inspire action. Working with Jen is an absolute pleasure that delivers positive experiences and growth.

    Matt Church

    ​Thought Leaders Global

    Jen is an inspiration! As a speaker, thinker and advisor she is world class. I think her tenacity, gumption and personal life story all point to her being someone quite special. I highly recommend Jen to anyone wanting to grow their business or transform their life!

    Tim Gentle

    Managing Director at Design Experts

    Jen Harwood takes small businesses to the next level. She has worked with over 1100 small businesses across Australia and combines her knowledge, exposure and positive energy to deliver results. Strap into your seats, because this is going to be one hell of a ride!

  • Photos & Videos

    Greatness on film... how exciting !

    Greatness Principle Book Launch

    We actually had two launches for the Book. The first one was in Geelong, VIC and the second at Dymocks main store in the heart of Sydney a few weeks later. Here's the footage from that event.

    The Greatness Cards

    The Greatness Cards are GREAT for starting conversations, getting insight, motivating yourself and pondering big issues or projects and working out what kind of support you really need. This video gives you an outline as to how you can use them. 

  • The GREAT Blog

    Insights into Greatness by Jen Harwood and Guests

  • About the Author

    Jen Harwood is one of Australia's leading Motivational Speakers, Author & Business Coach.

    Having coached and mentored over 1100+ business leaders to achieve great success in their business and careers, Jen found the secret to what it takes to build a great business, have a great career and live a great life... Its the people you allow to surround you and support you. The Greatness Principle is the culmination of her work to date with leaders, business owners and great people on how to build and sustain support networks to create success. To find out more about Jen Harwood visit www.jenharwood.com

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  • What people have got from The Greatness Principle Program

    From some of the people who have participated in 2 day event and 8 week follow up coaching

    Ginny had many revelations

    Ginny found the program supported her in understanding who she has around her, how she asks for and receives support and most importantly that she is responsible for creating her life and the people she has around her. Way to go Ginny.

    Gail wasnt going to attend

    Gail is a successful business woman and has a busy life. Taking the time for herself to create her vision for the next stages of her life was being put off. In the program Gail was confronted with identifying her support team for the future she wanted and then going out and making her life happen the way she wanted! Go Gail.


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  • Founders

    The people behind the Greatness Movement

    Louise Mulqueen


    Director - Finance & Admin & HR

    Louise is the Systems Queen and the person who got behind Jen to keep the dream alive when things were tough. A business owner herself for the last 20 years, Louise wants to see the business world shift and adopt the Greatness Principle.

    Great lives, Great Families, Great Businesses!



    Jen Harwood


    Director - Sales & Marketing & Delivery

    Having coached over 1500+ businesses over the last 19 years, Jen developed the Greatness Principle to assist her clients. After years of results, she decided to share her model for coaching and creating support through her book, The Greatness Principle. Since then, she's partnered with Louise to share it and now take it to the world.



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