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3 Steps to Greatness

GREATNESS is a daily choice

Many people I do business coaching with get completely and utterly overwhelmed with their vision, their goals, their targets and what's on the to-do list. They get all twisted into knots about what has to be done that they just don’t do anything! If that’s happening to you, it's gotta stop TODAY, right NOW !!! So, how do you stop that stuff dead in its tracks - simple. Break it down into 3 steps. Whatever it is, there are 3 key things that you have got to focus on EVERY DAY to get whatever it is done. The 3 things you need to do for any goal is this:

1. Choose the goal you want to achieve in the next 3 months

Don’t go any further than that as it will fry your brain. When the greats decided to build the pyramids or getting a man on the moon it meant, figuring out what the first 3 months were about, then the next 3 and the next three. An overall vision is inspiring and for most, is completely crippling and overwhelming. So, bring it back to the next 90 days and put that goal into your diary/schedule.

2. Choose the top 3 things you have to do EACH DAY to get the goal DONE

Put those 3 things in your diary for each day it is...DO THEM FIRST before anything else that may 'seem important'. The mini-emergencies and dramas we all get sucked into are distractions from our goals.

3. Let go of your vision or goal

You know it's taken care of as you've got it scheduled for daily activity. All you have to do now is be open, thankful, trust the opportunities, support and everything you need will be there to get the result you want. When you stop focusing on the outcome of what you want and just do the strategically planned doing of it, you make it happen. Most people focus on the outcome, do nothing to make it happen and then whinge, complain, and blame that they don’t have it. That is not GREAT, it's boring and a whole world of pain that is not necessary.

If you want support in this 3 STEP with your business, your career or your life, book a FREE 30 minute coaching session with me. Here's the link to my diary so you can find a spot that works for you. Remember, this is a real coaching session, so come prepared with a clear reason as to why you want to talk.

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