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Get Over Yourself !

Its time to be great

If you are getting average results in your work, business or projects, chances are... you are working on your own and you are feeling any or all of the following: tired, unmotivated, exhausted, in pain, alone, depressed, hopeless and have a sense of why bother do anything... If that's the case for you, I can assure you that...

You are doing everything on your own (even if there are people around you) and you're not letting anyone in to your personal world of being a human being ! Social Isolation and emotional isolation is the largest killer of all the people on the earth - more than smoking, more than cancer. Why?

People need to be connected. We need to share our minds, emotions, experiences, bodies, souls and points of view with each other. As human beings, we have to express, validate, understand, learn and grow. As we express, we get feedback and perspective. When we hold it all in, act as a lone wolf and disconnect from the people around us, we lose energy as the people that could be giving to us are not. There's only so much energy and drive you can self generate.

Its time to stop the vicious cycle of focussing on yourself and doing everything on your own. Its killing you and it's definitely killing the relationships and possibilities around you as well. Its time to start creating greatness and realising your dreams. To stop talking about what you want and start MAKING it happen with, through and for other people.

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